Friday, January 11, 2013

A Poem For Poetry Friday

Beach Baby

She’s one year old. One tooth. A total pudge.
She tries to get out of the water but her
soaked diaper must weigh
ten thousand pounds
so all she can do is

Later she sees me eating Cheez Puffs
and toddles over, towering above me,
a baby so giant she blocks out the sun,
sticks out her hand and yells: “Mine’s!”

Her mother hustles over, apologizes,
and hauls her back to their blanket.
Then the baby starts eating sand, grinning,
grinding the grains with that one tooth.

          from Have You Been To The Beach Lately?


  1. The image here is so good that I could see it, hear it, and taste it. Thanks for taking me to the beach on this ucky winter day.

  2. Thanks, Margaret!

    I actually think this could be a useful mentor text for young poets. For instance, there are two good examples of hyperbole.

  3. I can totally picture her towering over the speaker!