Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Writer's Notebook: Capturing An Image

A few nights ago I woke at 3 am and went downstairs. It was so bright outside! It had been snowing through the evening, but the skies must have cleared because a large moon had risen over the snow. I could see shadows cast by the bright moon on the untouched white snow. Such a dreamy, magical landscape! I wished I could have somehow captured that with my camera, and I went to fetch it, but it was frustrating because I didn’t know how to adjust the settings to get an image in moonlight. But then I realized I could capture it in my writer’s notebook. 


  1. It's a powerful thing to be able to capture an image in words.

  2. Yes. And in the notebook I try to capture the gist, the essence of the image. In other words, I want to write enough so I can come back to the entry and it can trigger my memory, so maybe I can expand on it in a piece of writing.