Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sap Season!

Here in New Hampshire the maple sap is running.  Our local elementary school even has a "sugar shack" where kids can boil down the sap they gather from local trees. The best weather for syrup-ing has sub-freezing temperatures at night, but above freezing during the day. When those conditions exist, the sap will flow.
      I love to feel the change of the seasons, when the land slowly morphs from winter to mud season to spring. Buds appear. The ground is swollen with water from melting snow. Creeks are lively and full, making their own tinkling music. The maple sap is running, and I find that my creating juices have started flowing, too. It's a season that makes me want to write.


  1. I too love the changing seasons. Winter, for me, is a time to collect and think. Spring brings the desire to produce and come forth with new ideas about that which I've been collecting and thinking!

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