Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I’ve been posting one poem per day in honor of National Poetry Month. Today I’m posting two poems. The first one (Babies) was written for younger students; I’m thinking the second one (This Is Not A Love Poem) may appeal to older kids.


Faucet leak
       pools cool
springs bubble
       babies drool

Seas sparkle
       lakes glisten
streams gurgle
       babies listen

Rivers rise
       flood and worse
water falls
       babies nurse

Rain drenches
       waves crash
water quenches
       babies splash

Ice pelts
       cold creeks
hail pelts
       babies leak

   This Is Not A Love Poem

This is not a love poem no way
you need big words for that 
like “luminous” and “eternity” 
you need iambic pentameter
or at least some serious rhyme
you neded merciless stars
deserts on moonless nights
foamy surf on gusty beaches
you need to get smashed
into such tiny fragments
you can only use the small i
when you write
i love you

© 2015 Ralph Fletcher. All rights reserved.

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