Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Baby

My baby sister
before she’s two days old
people start dividing her up.

“She has my olive eyes.”
“Got Grandma’s double-chin.”
“She has her father’s nose.”

Like she’s just a bunch
of borrowed parts
stitched together.

Well, I just got to hold her.
I touched her perfect head
and I’ll tell you this:

My sister is whole.

   from Relatively Speaking: Poems About Family


  1. Ralph, I love RELATIVELY SPEAKING, MOVING DAY, ORDINARY THINGS, WATER PLANET, BURIED ALIVE...etc. Your poems are always so accessible, and I love the stories your poems tell. As one of my students once commented, "Ralph's poems feel like he's talking just to me." I agree. It's been a treat getting one of your poems in my email every day. Keep 'em coming!!! : ) P.S. Any new collections in the pipeline?

  2. I enjoyed the humor of this one. You capture life's moments well! Thanks for sharing.