Monday, April 11, 2016

The Lifeguard

Like a god
on Mt. Olympus
he sits far above
the common people.

Like an arrogant god
with a perfect body
he tosses down smiles,
crumbs to the girls below.

Like a bronze god
he studies the shore
deciding who will live, 
and when to be a hero.

from Have You Been to the Beach Lately?


  1. This poem made me visualise and anthill and the lifeguard is an ant at the very top of the hill observing all the ants below. -Pia (from AES)

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  3. This poem reminded me of a book that I am reading, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, because the book talks about Greek gods and Mt. Olympus, and in the poem it says "Like a god, on Mt. Olympus". Grade 4-AES

  4. I'm reading the same book, so this poem reminds me of that too.
    - Sanna (Grade 4, AES)

  5. This poem made me think that a lifeguard could always go and help a person who in a danger like the person who always help you.
    Se young (from India Newdelhi AES).

  6. To me this poem means and is trying to say that lifeguard is very important because they save people. - Seung Yi ( Grade 4 AES. )

  7. The theme of the poem is hero and mt. Olympus because this poem shows deciding 'who will live and when to be a hero' and this poem compair life Guardis like mt. Olympus because lifeguards sit on the high chair and mountain is high.