Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Man-Cloud

In a buzzing morning meadow
when the sun was not yet high
I saw a bearded man-cloud
walking in the sky.

My brother saw it differently
he told me with a laugh
that what I’d seen was actually
an ice-skating giraffe.

“Can’t you see the long neck gliding?
With his tall neck see him riding?
I distinctly see a giraffe
skating ‘cross the sky.”

I did not stop argue
or tell him he was wrong.
I saw a walking man-cloud
and wished to go along.

from Water Planet


First Kiss

I’ll never forget
that empty barn
smell of dry hay
those long columns
of dusty light.

for one whole minute
you and I breathed
the same breath

from I Am Wings: Poems About Love

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