Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blueberry Ramble
                                        by Ralph Fletcher

blue blue blueberry blue
sapphires on bushes
picked beneath a blue moon
sweet blue explosions
on tongue and mouth
buckets of blueberries
for blueberry pancakes
cake cobbler compote
blueberry pie with darkblue
juices staining teeth & T-shirt
so many berries in my cereal
they easily out-vote the Cheerios
(that's what I call a BLUE state!)
oh and did I mention I'm writing
the most delicious poem
with a blueberry pen
one that goes on and
on forever and
never reaches
the end?


  1. What a deliciously blue poem! One of my students used "blue explosion" in his crayon cinquain. We were writing from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's crayon project. https://kidblog.org/class/mrs-simons-sea/posts/dmr49jwcsqvqhzok9c5vgjkvc

  2. Love the title & love the poem! And love the ending...or is there an ending? Kids will enjoy using your poem as a mentor text and taking some risks. I am going to try it out now! Thanks, Ralph!