Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Railroad Tracks

I got built ninety years ago by
sweating stinking swearing men.

For decades every kind of train
screeched on my back. No more.

Winters here can be pretty bleak
but wildflowers always come back.

Empty nests have a forlorn look
til the songbirds return in early May.

The swamp is quiet but soon frogs
will take up their monotonous chant.

My back remains unbroken but only
ghost locomotives rattle these rails.

From Ordinary Things: Poems From a Walk in Early Spring


  1. We love reading your poems of the day. Today we were excited to see 2 new poems! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.
    From, 4th Graders at AES, India.

  2. Thanks Karen! I miss AES! I'm visiting Dan Feigelson...he visited your school and is coming back (twice) next year. I hope you are well!

  3. Would you send me an email, Karen? I'd like to be in touch. Mine is

  4. Sure! That would be great. I'll email you