Thursday, April 5, 2018

          How to Make a Snow Angel
                                                                  by Ralph Fletcher

Go alone or with a best friend.
Find a patch of unbroken snow.

Walk on tiptoes. Step backwards
into your very last footprints.

Slowly sit back onto the snow.
Absolutely do not use your hands.

By now you should be lying flat
with snow fitting snug around you.

Let your eyes drink some blue sky.
Close them. Breathe normally.

Move your arms back and forth.
Concentrate. Think: snow angel.

In a few minutes don’t be surprised
if you start feeling a little funny.

Big and small. Warm and cold.
Your breath light as a snowflake.

Sweep your legs back and forth
but keep your eyes tightly closed.

Keep moving the arms until they
wobble, tremble, and lift. 

Stand without using your hands.
Take time to get your balance.

Take three deep breaths.
Open your eyes.

Stretch. Float. Fly!

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