Wednesday, April 4, 2018

        I Dreamed I Was A River
                                                     by Ralph Fletcher

        I dreamed I was a river,
        swift-running and dangerous,
        or slow-lazing and silted,
        my toes a thousand tributaries
        trickling from mountain snows,
        my belly fixed but ever-changing,
        stretching across continents,
        mouth wide open to the sea

        I dreamed I was a drop of sweat
        on a quarterback’s determined brow

        I dreamed myself an iceberg,
        an enormous moveable mass,
        home to walrus, seal, Arctic tern,
        feared by dogsledders and warships,
        my huge underbelly never seen
        by the eye of the sun

        I dreamed I was a raindrop
        falling on a drought-scarred field

        I dreamed myself a water creature,
        my ancestors all ocean-born,
        my body three-quarters salt water,
        living on a rare water planet

        I dreamed I was a tear
        in a grown man’s eye