Thursday, April 12, 2018


Stranger In the House
                                                            by Ralph Fletcher

Dad decided to grow a beard.
It came in all wooly and wild,
half-Abe Lincoln, half-lumberjack.

Seeing him first thing in the morning
made me flinch—there’s a stranger
in the house—til I remembered.  

Dad finally shaved the beard,
shaved the time he spent at home,
shaved the time he spent working. 

Finally he just moved out.  

He’s living down South somewhere.
No, I don’t hear from him too often. 
I sure miss having him around. 

Mom’s started seeing a new guy
who comes over for supper a lot.
It startles me when I first see him

       stranger in the house


  1. Maybe this is the start of a novel-in-verse? I like it!

  2. I agree with Linda. I want to know more of this story. And I want this story for my students, many of whom have similar stories!

  3. Thanks you, Linda and Carol. Funny that I am one of the few who has never published a novel in verse, yet I think it might be a fun genre to try.