Monday, February 22, 2016

Notebook Entry

On an instructional photo trip I suggested to professional photographer Artie Morris that taking a good picture depends a lot on going out to to the field to shoot. In other words: showing up. He readily agreed.
    "When you get up early to take a photo you often see something you've seen before," he told me. "Sometimes you see something you've never seen before. And once in a while you see something that NOBODY has ever seen before. You feel lucky that you're there and ready to take the shot."
      That got me thinking: isn't writing like that, too? When you sit down at the desk you often write stuff you've written before. Sometimes you break into new territory and write something you've never written before. And once in a while you write something truly original, something nobody has ever written before.


  1. I loved this. Sometimes I write something that helps me discover who I am. Now that's a worthwhile discovery.

  2. Thanks, Linda. Glad to hear this resonates with you!

  3. When I write I reveal to myself my inner workings and dialogues...often this is unpleasant...often it's nightmarish. I have received the most reaction, engagement and encouragement when I have revealed intimate details about my thoughts and life...however I struggle with 'what is for me' and 'what is for others'.

    1. Yes, the old "TMI" dilemma? John Lennon once remarked that "the most personal is the most universal." I think we all have those inner voices and impulses, etc.

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