Monday, April 1, 2019

      April is National Poetry Month so I'm going to post one poem each day during this month. The first one is from my book Ordinary Things: Poems From a Walk in Early Spring. This is a timely poem because here in New Hampshire the days and nights are still pretty cold. It's supposed to be spring--according to the calendar--but on most days it sure doesn't feel that way.


                                 the calendar says its early spring
                                 but the wind pretends not to know

                                 it reaches with bone-cold fingers
                                 inside my coat to rattle my ribs

                                 it swoops down into my mouth
                                 and stuns my tongue, steals my voice

                                 it whispers secrets past my ear a
                                 blur of words too fast too low

                                 from Ordinary Things: Poems From a Walk in Early Spring                                         


  1. ORDINARY THINGS is still my absolute favorite spring poetry book. I read "Daffodils" to my class today. And used it on my blog last Friday when I hosted Poetry Friday. Can't wait to see what else you post this spring!

  2. My favorite book and poem hands down. I love using this poem for personification.