Tuesday, April 2, 2019

        Some schools do a April Madness of Poetry, using brockets just like the NCAA basketball tournament. In one school my poem, "How to Bake a Flower," is competing in the tournament! Kind of strange to think of one poem defeating another poem, but still...very exciting! 

          How To Bake A Flower                                                                                
                                                                 by Ralph Fletcher

          Stir seeds into well-drained soil.
          Fold in a half-cup live worms.
          Sprinkle in occasional rain
          until green shoots appear.
         Blend in sun. Mix with shade.
         Add a dash of moonlight.
         Simmer on low four to six weeks
         in the unhurried oven of summer.
         When the air starts smelling sweet
         it’s ready to be served—almost.

         Swirl in butterflies.
         Whip in bees.


  1. This will be a fun how-to poem to share with kids!I think they will love playing with the cooking verbs. If we get anything decent, I will share with you!