Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Ten Most Beautiful Words
                                                              by Ralph Fletcher

           I saw a list of the ten
           most beautiful words
           in the English language:

                     dawn, hush, mist, lullaby,
tranquil, luminous, chimes,
golden, melody, murmuring.

  I liked them all, the sound of them,
  especially murmuring.

  It made me picture
                                 across still water.

  And now I’ve got
              ten shiny new coins
               jingling in my pocket.


  1. And filling our pockets with them as well!

  2. I love the words you chose as the ten most beautiful, and carrying them in our pockets is the perfect image. Thank you.

  3. this is from China. i just finished reading your How Writers Work and got interested in your work. it's cool that you are sharing your words here. i can see you are truly encouraging youngsters to write. i really hope i know someone like you in China.