Saturday, April 6, 2019

         Have you ever moved? If you have you know that it can be an emotional time filled with quickly-changing emotions: sadness, excitement, confusion…. In this poem I try to capture the uprooted, discombobulated feeling you get when your life is moving from one town to another.

                                Taking Things Apart

        The movers start
                               by taking things apart.

                             Our table lies on the rug,
                             legless and upside down.

                           Shelves get disassembled;
                             Beds are left in pieces.

                                  One mover dismantles
                             my Ping-Pong table, saying:

                                    “Our guys in Ohio will
                           put everything back together.”

                                    Which makes me wonder
                              about my ripped-apart life.

                              Exactly who’s going to put that
                                         together again?

                                  Moving Day: Poems About Moving

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