Tuesday, April 9, 2019

When I was a kid we went to the beach almost every day during the summer. We had a large family (9 kids!), and it was cheap entertainment. Sometimes a rainstorm would sweep in at the end of the day. We’d go find cover until the storm passed…and then we had the beach pretty much to ourselves.


By the end of the storm
almost everyone has left.

The sand feels cool and muddy
with a million tiny rain craters.

I hear the low voice of waves
and the raucous sound of birds.

Hundreds of gulls have descended
onto the deserted beach to claim

a bonanza of soggy french fries,
crusts, cookies, apple cores.

The beach will stay empty
except for these birds and us,

happy to scavenge the leftover
scraps from this summer day.

from Have You Been To The Beach Lately?

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  1. This brought back some of my own childhood memories of the beach.